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The head of it was enormous: a huge red dome of excitement split in two by a broad slit at its tip which was thickly smeared with his slimy ooze.
He grinned at me as I stared wide-eyed at it.
Ricky also peered over, briefly distracted from doing his favourite pastime by the sight of this bigger man’s enormous cock.
“Quality meat this, mate,” he quipped to both of us with a lecherous leer, pulling it downwards and making it bounce up again to emphasize how hard it was.
“Pity it’s not up for grabs – well, not by you guys!” “Your wife’s a lucky woman!” I managed to tell him.
He chuckled at that.
“Yeah, if only she’d realise it! Seems like every day she’s on her fuckin’ period!” He wrapped his right hand fully around its thick shaft, preparing to do to himself the thing his dad said he shouldn’t, and then egged Ricky on: “Come on then, laddo! Straight men gay thoughts.

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