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However, his best friend here is our neighbor Jean, and his wife Marie.
We all get along pretty well.
The guys go to hockey games, and Marie and I enjoy the tremendous art community here.
We all bonded pretty quickly, and we dine together at least twice a week at restaurants, and we alternate cooking dinner once a week.
Dining at home, however, has it’s drawbacks.
Like wine , and sometimes too much of it.
We were having a wonderful dinner at our house, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the wine was flowing.
Our tongues were loosened up a bit as well.
We were talking about prejudice and the idiocy of bigotry, and while we were both born in California, Jean was born in Barbados, and Marie in Montreal.
They had suffered a bit as a result of it.
“It’s no fun at all being a black man in a predominately white city, but try being a black man who speaks no French in a white city!” Jean laughed.
“It is true,” said Marie, “the fact that he was not Canadian didn’t bother my family, it was the fact that he only spoke English!” “That’s just wrong,” said my husband.
“Who cares where anyone is from or what language they speak?” “Too many people,” I chimed in, “think it’s important, but it’s hard to erase years of ignorance.
” “I wouldn’t say ignorance, just lack of experience.
Marie’s family understood my being black as they were themselves, but when they found out things like I enjoyed French films, and that I loved hockey, and was every bit as Canadian as they were, they got used to it.
” “How long had you been there Jean?” asked my husband.
“I moved to Montreal when I was 12, at that age, any kid adapts pretty easily. Shower door molding strip.

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