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Come second semester of my junior year at Fairfield, football practice commenced and I began staying at the school until about 4:30pm with my team.
When my sister had been on the Senior team while I was on the Junior team the year before, it seemed to be less of a hassle to get my parents to work out a ride from the school at about 4:45-5pm 5 days a week.
However, now that Ingrid was in a different country, it was a very different story.
I would often just stay until 5:30pm, as my parents could only manage to pick me up after most of the teachers had left at 5pm but before the school locked the doors at 6pm.
I wasn’t thrilled about this, but I didn’t complain often nor did I waste the time I had just doing nothing.
After the first few days of staying later at the school, I smartened up and began packing some schoolwork into my football bag to do after practice.
At first, I would sit in the hallway floor outside of the school’s auditorium, leaning up against the wall for back support and balancing my binder and notebook on my knees.
After a couple of weeks of conditioning my already painful back to accept the beating from this, it was a Tuesday and unbeknownst to me Aaron was walking through the hall on his way to the parking lot when I sneezed, knocking my notebook out of balance and onto the floor.
Bless you, he said with a chuckle, causing me to look up at him, seeing a small smile on his face as he looked at my face.
Thanks Mr.
Wilson, I beamed up at him from the floor, genuinely glad to have had a chance to see him today.
How’s it going Anne? You know, you can call me Aaron when it’s just us, He looked over to the athletic duffel and backpack splayed on the hard, shiny tiled floor next to me, Football practice, right? You’re here a little late, he quipped, sarcastically feigning condescension while inquiring about why I was still here.
Oh, yeah.
Now that Ingrid graduated my parents just have a little bit less reason to pick me up every day.
They’re still coming, they’re just coming a wee bit later than they used to, I explained, trying not to sound too self-pitying around him before remembering he was here a bit late too. Brandon dating website.

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