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I stopped gazing around in amazement to see that her blush had faded completely now that she was on familiar ground giving a speech she knew by heart.
“Thank you so much.
You have been amazing Ari,” I said, reaching out and touching her shoulder.
“can I ask you a question?” I said letting my hand linger for just a moment longer testing her boundaries.
“Yes sir you may ask anything you like.
” she said, the perfect hostess.
I smiled at her as I stepped up closer and she leaned back just ever so slightly to compensate for the closeness.
“What were you doing in the shack down there?” I asked smiling at her as the crimson returned to her cheeks.
“Um sir I was, well Thomas was, he was trying to get me to you know, she continually paused hoping I would fill in the blanks or just not ask, but I waited. 60 facial spf sunblocks.

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