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I then felt her hand rub my pants where my dick was.
She put my hand on her right boob, indicating that she wanted me to play with it.
Startled, I pulled my hand back.
“I’m sorry, did I come on too strong?” she asked worriedly.
“Just a bit,” I replied.
“I’m sorry, I guess I better go then,” she said sadly as she headed for the door.
I then realized how bad I wanted her, I loved how her size D breast felt in my hand, and I only wanted more of her.
I quickly got up and dashed up behind her before she got to the door and wrapped my hands around her and began fondling her beautiful tits.
She let out a laugh of surprise and lifted her arms so I could have full access to her boobs.
I removed her blouse I fondled her through her bra while we walked back into the family room.
I removed her bra, revealing her big juicy tits.
I played with her hard nipples for a few seconds before turning her around to suck on them.
She let out slight moans, I could tell she was enjoying this.
I unbuttoned and removed the skinny jeans and panties she was wearing, revealing her wet pink pussy.
I rubbed her clit while still sucking on her tits as she let out gasps of pleasure.
I moved my head from her chest down to her hips and began tonguing her wet vagina.
It was tight and it tasted good.
She let out gasps and moans every time I drove my tongue into her wet pussy.
She let out a loud moan and shook as juices began flowing from her vagina.
“That was my first orgasm,” she said after she had managed to catch her breath.
“You mean you’ve never had sex before?” I asked.
The truth was I had never had sex before either.
“No, but I like it,” she said smiling.
“So why stop now?” I said as I had her kneel down into a doggy position on the couch.
I pulled off my clothes and held my dick in my hand as I pressed my hard cock into her virgin pussy.
She loud out a loud gasp as she was penetrated for the first time.
I slowly moved in and out, deeper and deeper as she moaned in pleasure.
I could hardly believe what was happening, I was having sex with my bestfriend.
With her tight pussy wrapped around my cock, was better than I could have imagined. Spank mom aunt stories.

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