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We barely made it to my room with our clothes on.
She went to the bathroom to undress while I sat uncertainly on the bed.
Should I undress? Should I get under the sheets? I found the dimmer switch, thinking I would rather have sex for the first time in the dark.
But she frowned when she walked out, covered only by a towel.
‘I want to see you – all of you,’ Ella said.
‘There’s nothing to see,’ I protested weakly, nothing compared to her.
She looked annoyed, so I turned the lights up again.
‘Better,’ she whispered, and discarded the towel.
This time she’d taken off her panties, revealing the thick red curls of her pubic hair.
I had the strangest thought of licking her there, and I was suddenly ashamed for thinking such disgusting things.
Then she was in bed again, this time on me.
Instinctively, I opened my legs wide, and she settled herself between them, and her lips found mine and we were kissing.
I tightly wrapped my legs around her waist, and she moaned as she buried her tongue in my mouth.
I was moaning too, and we were both breathing hard; I could feel her nipples against my own breasts.
She nibbled my ears, leaving a trail of kisses from my ears, along my jaw.
Finding the curve of my neck, she kissed me there once, then gave a hard suck.
I gasped in pain, but she only smiled.
‘A lovebite, nothing more,’ she whispered, and continued kissing me, moving slowly downwards until she’d reached my breasts.
Ella pulled the tank top off me, unclipped my bra, and smiled delightedly at my exposed breasts.
I turned red with embarrassment, the pink flush spreading across my cheeks and my chest, but she ignored me and kissed and area between my breasts.
Another hard suck, and this time I could see the bruise forming.
She took my left breast, and slowly licked around it, then the underside, ignoring the nipple.
It was pure, sweet torture.
She nibbled around the nipple, and suddenly sucked it.
I screamed in pleasure as she continued suckling my breast.
Her free hand snaked its way down my stomach, going inside my shorts.
I wasn’t wearing underwear.
She chuckled as she tugged at my pubic hair.
She moved to my right breast, giving it the same treatment as before. Sex text chat web.

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