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Thirty-six inches of snow.
If it hits us like they say it will, it will cripple the whole county.
So I’ve been splitting more wood and stacking it in the mudroom.
I expect to be buried inside for a few days at least.
We’re not going to be able to keep the whole house warm, so Agatha and I are going to move our mattress into the living room in front of the fire for the three of us.
We have centuries of family quilts to keep us all warm.
On Monday, Katherine beat me to the shower.
She dodged naked across the hallway with her towel dangling from her finger and winked at me standing there with my own towel around my waist.
“Sorry, Daddy,” she said as she went by.
I only caught a glimpse of her.
That small round butt.
Her breasts.
But it was enough to freeze the image in my mind for the rest of the morning.
I joked about getting in with her through the door, shaking a mock-angry fist.
Then I let my hand fall on the door, felt the grain of the wood that kept our naked bodies apart.
My towel fell to the floor, pushed open by my hard-on.
I heard Agatha moving around in our bedroom and stopped.
I picked up the towel and went back to bed, watching my wife dress.
“Happy to see me?” she said.
“Always,” I said, tossing the towel away.
Two days later , the governor declared a state of emergency.
The roads were locked down.
The grocery stores were totally bare.
We were moving our mattress into the living room, piling it high with quilts and blankets, and stoking the fire.
I had it running hot.
The coals were orange.
When we opened the doors, the sound of the air rushing through the pipe chimney was louder than the radio.
By noon, the room was heated to seventy-five degrees and we had to open up the doors to the hallway.
The clouds were pregnant over the ridge.
The wind was rushing by the house at fifty-five miles an hour.
By four o’clock, fat white flakes were spilling past the window.
Inside, we might have been at my sister’s house in Florida.
My Katherine had stripped down to her bra by six.
I watched from beside the fire, defending it like a mother eagle protects her nest, while she lounged in jeans and a tight black bra on the wicker couch, reading a book about the secret language of horses. Newbury uk obese granny sex contact.

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