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Military retire transgender. I have beer, wine, and water, Molly offers.
A beer would be great, thanks.
Is there anything I can help you with? I am not a great chef but make for a passable assistant.
No thank you, I have it under control.
I would like to talk about you for a second.
When Maria asks me to take on someone, I like to get a complete history of their past.
Along with her input and Google, I can get an idea where you were, how you got here, and where you want to go.
Without a goal in mind, I cannot be sure to put the right program together or if you would even follow one.
Tell me what’s what.
Well, two months ago, I started, I would have said to be able to live.
Now, I am at the point where living is not good enough, I would like to move forward and be happy instead of content.
Heidi has been an integral part in that recent discovery.
She has an openness about her that brings me out a little more each time I see or talk to her.
I am not sure if I can verbalize it accurately enough for you to understand.
No need to explain, Heidi and I go back some and she helped me and my daughter, Patti, get over some rough teenage years.
So let me put something together for you for after your next weight check.
She takes a long sip of wine and takes a deep breath.
With that out of the way, I would like to talk about us.
When I shook your hand for the first time, I felt something unfamiliar.
Something I have not had, a connection of sorts with a man.
Yes I have a daughter, but she was a result more of teenage hormones taking over decision making.
That connection is why I have not been at the gym at the same time you were, I needed to get my bearings and talk to Heidi about this.
I will admit that I had the same spark when we met, and like you were unsure of how to proceed.
I would like to explore these feelings I have and see if there is something there.
I have not been open to feelings for a woman for a while but I’m willing to risk it.
The ball is your court.
And you said ‘connection’ with a man, should I assume Heidi is the female you connect with? Well, let me lob one back to you.
Yes, as I said we go back, and as you said, she is extremely open in all facets of her life and naturally brings it out in others. Military retire transgender.

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