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She also said that he really knew how to satisfy a lady and that she hoped that she would be able to enjoy his gorgeous cock again before too long.
Ken and I were too exhausted to make love that night, so we lay in bed cuddling and kissing before we fell into a contented sleep.
Just before he nodded off, he thanked me in a sleepy voice for a very nice present which had been just what he needed at the end of a hard week.
~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday and Sunday OMG what a weekend.
My cunt and arse are still throbbing from the fucking I have had, and I lost count of the number of times I came.
It was what my children would call epic, although they might be shocked if they knew how debauched Ken and I have become — they think I am a very prim and proper middle-aged lady.
I finally managed to invite Ken’s lady Rotarian friend and her husband to dinner, but only after I had made sure that they would be up for the special entertainment which I had planned for afterwards.
I also invited a slightly younger couple we had met the previous summer on a swingers cruise in the Caribbean.
He had a long thin cock and one evening on our balcony he took my anal virginity, something Ken didn’t really fancy.
We like to entertain in style and on the written invitations I suggested black tie for the men and an evening gown for the ladies and told them to bring an overnight bag.
Ken’s lover and her husband were first to arrive, followed shortly afterwards by Peter and Gillian. Hot ass colege girl.

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