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Fighting mania fist of the north star.
I held his hand tightly in mine.
“Her husband doesn’t have to find out,” I said.
I lifted his hand to my chest and held it close to my cleavage.
“Does your wife have to know everything you do?” I asked.
His dark brown eyes locked onto mine.
And then they drifted down to my tits.
I brought his hand down so he could cup my breast.
It excited me.
I liked that I was seducing him.
And I liked the power that I suddenly felt.
Once again, I’d spotted someone who wanted to be bad.
And I wanted to take advantage of that desire.
“Nobody’s spouse has to find out about anything,” I said seductively.
I noticed a tent growing in his trousers.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
He told me his name was Raj.
“Why don’t you put your phone away, Raj?” I asked.
He just stared at me.
He held his phone in one hand and my tit in the other.
“Do you like my big titties?” I asked.
“Put your phone away and I’ll make it worth your while.
” “I can see titties on the internet all day,” he responded.
“You cannot bribe me by showing me titties.
” “But I’m not a porn star.
” I said.
“Who said porn star?” he demanded.
“Girls are stupid today.
They send pictures of their titties to everyone.
I can see all kinds of titties on the internet.
Not just porn stars.
” “This isn’t the internet,” I responded.
“My tits are right here in front of you.
” “Big deal,” he responded.
“I can go to the strip club and have titties in my face all night.
I can get a lap dance and touch stripper titties all night.
” “Will a stripper let you fuck her titties?” I asked.
“Put your phone away and you can fuck my titties, Raj.
” His jaw dropped in shock.
And then he put the phone away.
I walked back to the car.
“I’ll handle this,” I told Wendy.
“You can get out of here.
” “Are you crazy?” she asked.
“I’m not letting you go in that store alone.
Who knows what will happen? I’m coming with you.
” “OK,” I told her.
“But you don’t have to do anything.
I’ll handle it.
It’s no big deal.
It’s kind of hot, honestly.
” Raj was waiting at the back door to his shop.
Wendy grabbed my skirt and hopped out of the car.
We walked over to Raj and followed him into the store.
The door opened to a narrow hallway. Fighting mania fist of the north star.

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