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I was inside her and she felt warm and wet.
Her vagina had encapsulated my cock and it felt wonderful.
Purring like a contented cat, Doris uttered, Don’t move.
just leave it in me.
right up inside me.
I love to feel it deep inside me and you have the most beautiful cock I have seen.
Doris was enjoying just having me inside her and I loved the feeling of being there.
She lay with her eyes closed, savouring the moment.
A minute passed before she pulled my head down to hers and we kissed passionately.
We kissed for a minute or two and she then made obvious moves she was ready to start.
I broke the embrace and leaned up with my cock still buried deep inside her.
We had begun to make love, and it was lovely with her; this was lovemaking not just a shag. Asian rose dp.

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