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For instance, if you were prepared to touch yourself, in one fell swoop it’d double the money, no trouble.
What, you mean…? Gina’s mouth was hanging open.
The miracle was that she hadn’t thought to close her thighs.
That’s right, Ben said.
Um, touch yourself for the camera, and you get double the money, easy.
Gina stared at him.
Something in her eyes told him a small part of her might be persuaded.
Out loud she said, I couldn’t.
It’s too personal.
I get that, Ben said.
It’s not for everyone.
Still, for the real hardcore stuff, you’d make more in an afternoon than you do in a month at that call centre.
He had no idea if that was true, nor did he care.
Are you for real? Gina asked.
None of this was real, Ben thought.
It couldn’t be.
It was magic.
But the man in the kitchen had said it was real.
It felt real enough, but how could it be? I’m only saying, he said.
His heart was sinking.
He’d got this far, but now he had the feeling he was messing it up.
The thing is, Gina said, that in some respects I’m an old-fashioned girl.
She certainly didn’t look it, sitting there with her legs spread, but Ben wasn’t going to get into that.
How’s that? he asked, though from knowing her, he had some idea of what she meant.
I like sex as much as the next girl, Gina said, but the hardcore stuff… that’s not for me.
Sure, Ben said.
But, um, you know, there’s a market for pretty much everything.
For a moment he thought that Gina was going to pull the plug on this, but apparently curiosity got the better of her. Princesssteph chat and masterbate.

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