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The thing he liked most about her feet was the faint passion fruit scent.
He didn’t know where she got her special lotion but it was amazing, it made her skin so soft and the smell was intoxicating.
He loved to sit and watch her paint her toes- the way she carefully applied the deep red nail polish to her little toes, the way she lifted her feet and spread her toes as far as she could when she was done in order to not get the polish ruined while it dried.
Watching her do that made his cock throb, all he could think of was taking each toe in his mouth, but he knew she would be mad if he ruined her polish, he also knew that if he behaved she would let him cum over her soft delicate feet.
At the moment she was just trying out a new pair of shoes she had bought- gorgeous strappy sandals in hot pink with a four inch heel.
His cock ached as he looked at her perfect feet, he wanted to kneel and lick between her toes while she had the sandals on.
He knew that she knew exactly what he wanted and that she was teasing him when she wiggled her toes in the sandals.
“Please baby”, he begged as he adjusted him massive hardon in his shorts.
She smiled and lifted a foot coquettishly- “Is this what you want?” she asked giggling.
“Yes baby you know it is”.
“Do you want me to press my feet against your hard cock?” she asked seductively.
The image of her foot against his cock made him shudder with desire; already a bead of precum formed on the tip and was soaking his shorts.
“Yes”, he said in a low voice as he gulped.
She sat down on the bed and waited for him to kneel in front of her, she lifted one sandaled foot to him and he took it his hand and started to kiss it.
He slowly unbuckled her sandal as he kissed her foot and took it off, placing it on the floor beside him, he laid her bare foot on his shoulder and she lifted the other one up to him so he could give it the same treatment.
When the other sandal was placed on the floor he took both her feet and held them together, rubbing them all over his face, his mouth was watering at the scent of them.
He brought both feet to his mouth and started licking and sucking her toes; she giggled every time his tongue slid in between her toes and tickled her. Denisvolkov free live chat website.

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