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Mia, you should bring your stuff over to my place and we can both get ready together before everyone arrives.
She said during our chem.
Yeah that’s a brilliant idea and I could help you set up as well if you want.
I replied.
You may as well stay over too, save you getting a taxi home.
Awww thanks, you think Michelle will mind? I asked.
Michelle was Frankie’s flatmate.
They both came from the same town in England and attended universities here in Glasgow, Scotland so they decided to get a flat together when they moved up to university.
She’s not going to be there.
She’s going home for her boyfriend’s birthday that weekend.
Brilliant – I was going to get Frankie all to myself that night.
I didn’t hate Michelle but she did have a possessive hold over Frankie that I found irritating even to this day.
I was counting the days to the party.
I had chosen my outfit and packed my stuff for sleeping over.
I arrived early as promised to help set up and get changed there.
When Frankie opened the door I was blown away.
Her hair was done up and she was wearing a thin blue dressing gown that was tied loosely around her waist.
I could almost see through the fabric.
She had a huge smile on her face as she let me in and threw her arms around me.
I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining it but I swear I could feel her nipples against me when she hugged me once I got inside her flat.
I’m so glad u came round early Mia, you can help me choose what to wear. All tubes bailey kline lesbian.

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