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I was pleased that we were letting him see us like this: my body accepting Ricky’s manhood as a symbol of our love and affection.
But Jason was focussed on more corporeal matters.
“Bloody hell, lads,” he interjected.
“I thought you said this gay bummin’ stuff didn’t make a stink!” “It doesn’t!” I retorted, offended that he could Continue reading →

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This woman was Christina, the woman Sarah and Holly had hired to help them put on their wedding day.
Their special day was in her hands, the wedding coordinators hands.
Sarah and Holly had no worries though.
Holly and Tim walked towards the door that leads them to the door into the hallway.
They walked up the hallway to the door that would allow them to enter into the church.
Holly glanced at her father.
She could tell he was holding back tears.
“Ready?” asked Katie, Holly’s maid of honor.
“Absolutely,” replied Holly with a wide smile on her beautiful painted face.
The music started and Holly’s four bridesmaids walked down the aisle accompanied by their respected groomsmen.
Katie was escorted by Luke, Sarah’s best friend from way back.
They had grown up together and were neighbors throughout their lives.
Amber was being escorted down the aisle by, Johnny.
She was in perfect hands, according to Luke.
Kelly, was escorted down the aisle by Paul.
Pamala, a mutual friend Continue reading →

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In my mind I imagined she had dampened, I really couldn’t say for sure but a hint of her musky aroma was present on my fingertip as I idly sucked on it as I walked away looking back over my shoulder Continue reading →

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He’s changed into a black t-shirt, jeans and boots.
He looks dangerously good.
“I knew you’d run,” he drawls.
He’s looking very smug.
“I wasn’t.
” I lie.
My blush betrays me.
“Sure you weren’t.
” “Okay, okay.
” I give in.
Damn him! What is wrong with me!? “It’ll be great.
” He winks.
“Come on, hop on,” he says, sweeping his hand towards the bike.
“You’re having a laugh, right? I’m not getting on Continue reading →

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’ She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
Even without the last few days, I think Erik’s right – I am a submissive.
The sad truth is… I love being Continue reading →

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I loved her and I’ve always loved sex with her but somehow being able to watch her perform and being taken like this drove me wild with more passion then I’ve felt for years.
I wanted her like never before, but tonight, I would have to wait my turn even though I was her husband.
Sean apparently couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed her hips and thrust her down on him finally driving all of his cock inside her.
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My breathing quickened as I writhed against him, the force of his restraint was unexpected and had me immediately aroused.
Do you want me to do it for you? Do you want me to make you my dirty little slut this afternoon? Will that make it easier for you? More exciting? I couldn’t speak.
My green eyes met his, trying to process what was happening, but ever more aware of Continue reading →