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As José got to the reunion accompanied by the gorgeous young wife, in fact, a girl, the industrialist, yet an old man, caught sight of the young lady.
He’d spend little time here, but enough to take a notion of this chick, and swore this woman will be mine.
In any case, he would lay her down, he thought.
First thing first, old Benigno, as he was referred to, made his move to approach to the Little Riding Hood, oh, surely he’d play the wolf here without raising suspicion.
Benigno’s thirty mind was now at work, and he’d find a better modus operandi on how to harass the young lady, by having José introduced to him.
He immediately got the couple sitting at the table, and too gently began to praise Jose’s work at assembly plant in his factory, and to express acknowledgment Continue reading →

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After it ruined my marriage, I realized I had to change.
I hired another manager to give me some help and now I am here.
As for goals, I tell people that I want to get healthy but in reality, I want to look like you!” Tom said smiling.
“Well thank you!” I said, slightly blushing.
We laid out a training plan and got to work.
Over the next several weeks, Tom was motivated.
Because of his business, all of our sessions were either early (Five am) or late (Nine pm).
One night, I had just finished teaching a spin class and was Continue reading →

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I wore a conservative swim suit, as did Nina in her one-piece.
It was then I realized she was small-breasted and had a tight ass.
She looked like a ballerina or gymnast.
She cut the water clean as she dove in and swam the entire length of the pool underwater.
I dove in and swam slowly towards her.
You’re a swimmer.
Yes, I love the water.
She turned onto her back and did the backstroke to the far side.
I leisurely swam a bit and floated as she did laps.
After half an hour we went to our rooms.
As we bid each-other goodnight I realized I Continue reading →

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I nodded, and this was opening into more deep seated conversation.
“Yeah, sure,” I said smiling.
She nodded and spoke, almost choosing her words.
“Are you single, or engaged or married?” She giggled, as if the question struck her laughter button.
I grinned.
“Single sadly, been so for almost a year now.
Since before I left the UK, to come here.
It was more of a fling really, not my choice.
She was unwilling to tell her family about me, I knew there was no future there when she did that so I ended it,” I said sadly, it was upsetting for me to remember it.
Carmen looked quite shocked, and looked up at me as her loop earrings jingled with a few beads on them swinging.
“Then she was stupid, why would she not want them to know about you.
You’re a nice guy, great even.
She was stupid to not tell them, if I were her I would have told them about you immediately,” she giggled.
“Proudly, too,” she added still grinning and holding back her giggles.
I smiled and even looked deep into her eyes.
“Wish you were her then, would have been a lot happier than I was with her.
” She grinned, and gently hit my arm, with her fist playfully.
“Stop it, I’m too old to make a man like you happy.
” I then decided to play along, maybe see if she was still in her giddy form with me.
“You’re not old Carmen, far from it.
You’re beautiful even,” I said slowly, pronouncing every word in a nice slow tone.
She looked me deep in my eyes, Continue reading →

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Shortly after, Kurt was sound asleep but not Kelly.
She had plans for Kurt.
There was no way of knowing how long he had slept.
It was a deep sleep, a sleep as if he had been drugged.
His head felt heavy and woozy.
A couple of glasses of Chianti wouldn’t have caused the ringing in his head.
But there was more.
He found his hands cuffed.
He was on his back with his cuffed wrists over his head and tied to the bed.
Kurt’s legs were bound with his legs apart and ankles tied to posts at opposite sides of the bed.
He looked like a human Y.
“Did you have a nice sleep, Mr.
Dellafore?” she mocked.
“Remember how I said that my stepbrother, Reggie, taught me some tricks? Now I want to show you what I meant.
Let’s start with a little snack? You do like the taste of cum, isn’t that right?” Kurt was in a daze evaluating his situation.
He felt humiliated being defenseless when Kelly sat on his head with her legs straddling his face.
Her cunt was directly over his mouth when she began contracting her inner muscles to push out Kurt’s cum onto his lips.
“I want you to taste my pussy and your creampie.
Reggie loves to taste my pussy after he finishes with a load inside me.
” Kurt had little choice as his cum began dripping from her slit.
“Lick my pussy and suck my clit,” she instructed.
“Make my clit hard like your cock.
” She positioned herself so Kurt could do little else.
Kelly never stopped telling him what she wanted or what Reggie did.
“Stick that hot tongue inside my fucking hole and clean it out.
” Her uninhibited ways made Kurt delirious with excitement.
He never thought that being restrained and forced to eat his own cum would make him insanely aroused.
The flow of cum continued to drip from her cunt into his mouth.
Sometimes, he forgot to pay proper attention to her needs, with Kelly reminding him to suck harder, even asking him to gently nip at her clit with his teeth.
While he stroked her pronounced clit with his lips and tongue, her deep breaths and moans were accompanied with shouts of, “Yes, yes, more, more, more.
” It finally ended when she collapsed, nearly passing out Continue reading →

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Sheila just knew that as soon as she felt on the verge of an orgasm he would say UP.
Forcing her away from the sensation.
And when she was down he would often grab her hips sliding her back and forth over the wand and / or smack her thighs and pinch her tits.
Sheila watched the time ticking away quickly realizing he was not going to allow her release Continue reading →

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Afterward, when Jed lifted off Gareth they sat facing one another with their legs hanging off the sides of the divan.
Gareth let out a laugh as he observed the honey coloured foam on the synthetic material between them.
Jed then retrieved the half-finished beers that they had placed on the floor nearby and again sat facing Gareth.
Both were smiling as the discussed how hot their scene had been and agreed that the oil had worked very well.
Later, Jed again began to kiss Gareth and soon Gareth felt his body being pushed backward.
Pulling Gareth’s legs over his thighs, Jed moved in and reinserted his knob into Gareth.
Aren’t you tired yet? Gareth asked.
A challenge is a challenge, Jed replied, smiling impishly.
Their next session was slow and leisurely as Jed pulled Gareth onto his cock.
After a long while, Jed lowered his torso onto Gareth and they once more began kissing.
After another lengthy period, Jed again lifted his body as he continued to fuck Gareth’s hole and tug on Gareth’s dick.
Warn me if you get close, Jed said.
It was clear that Jed was in no hurry and wanted to prolong this session.
Gareth was very happy to comply and allow Jed to set the pace.
He couldn’t think of anything else he would rather be doing or any other place that he would rather be at that moment, as they went on and on.
Please shoot all over me, Gareth implored as the end finally came into sight.
When Jed pulled out of Gareth and began shooting his spunk Continue reading →

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Do it, stud! I love your fucking COCK and I want you to DROWN MY TITS in your CUM! To entice him further, I licked my lips and pinched hard at my nipples, turning the round pink gum-drops red, then purple, as I strained to show him my eagerness for his load.
He cut loose at last, his first huge shot basting my left tit, the thick rope of spooge hitting the nipple dead-on then coiling up to splatter the rest of the breast’s top, the stream reaching as high as my collarbone before it petered out.
A second big shot was similar, hitting my left tit just above the nipples, splattering down around the sides of the huge mammary gland, Continue reading →