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I thought about it for a moment, about how I would approach an employee – Marci, let’s say – regarding an intimate grooming issue.
I laughed at the image! Yeah, that was probably not the easiest for him.
So what did the other girls have to say? They all do it; just routine, I guess.
They even showed me; Diana left just a tiny little landing strip, Kris was totally bare and smooth, and Amy had a tiny… either a heart or Continue reading →

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He kept up.
She turned finally and seemed disappointed that he was still there.
You should book a consultation, she said.
When’s the wedding? August eleventh, Calvin said.
Her eyebrows shot up and he hastily added, But Ivy has everything figured out already.
And we’ll pay upfront.
Sofia frowned.
She scrolled through her phone reluctantly.
Two months is nothing, she mused.
I’ve had cancellations but – it’s really not much time.
Please, Calvin said.
We can’t find anyone else Continue reading →

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This time I held his ever-growing dick and started stroking it with two hands while I held the popsicle between my lips.
By now, the melting sugary syrup was dripping out of the corners of my mouth.
I then brushed his dick against my dripping lips, lathering it with another sweet and sticky strawberry layer.
Let’s go inside, I want you to suck me on the couch, Rob said.
Can I have another popsicle? I said Continue reading →

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I looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply when I could marshal my concentration enough.
But mostly, I just gripped her tightly and held the side of my face to her cheek.
The sensation of my cock sheathed in her glorious pussy was overwhelming.
The sheets bunched at my knees and elbows, soaked through with our sweat.
I actually couldn’t tell the difference between my desperate panting and hers.
We shared a giggly smile as I mopped her wet hair from her forehead.
Scarlett puffed into my face, her warm breath still fresh with the scent of toothpaste.
“Oh, Will.
I’m going to come again!” Her lithe body clenched uncontrollably against mine as Scarlett’s orgasm rocked her.
The feeling of her sopping pussy clamped around my prick set me off on my own euphoric journey.
Scarlett bucked her hips up at me as I increased my tempo.
The all-consuming tingle swelled inside me, growing dangerously out of control.
“Oh my God, Will.
Are you going to come?” she groaned.
I could only grunt a nod in reply, my mouth hanging limply open as the power of my orgasm exploded throughout my body.
The hot flush filled my entire being in a split second.
Then the pressure wave concentrated itself in an unimaginable torrent, focussing all its energy into my balls.
I felt every drop of semen rush up the length of my cock, then erupt out of my swollen glands in a hyper-sensitive explosion.
I grabbed Scarlett as tightly as I could, thrusting as deeply as possible into her gorgeous pussy.
And then I roared with pleasure, grunting like an animal with every spurt after blissful spurt of cum flooding out into her horny cunt.
I had never come like that in my life.
Scarlett threw her head back and wailed as I came deep inside her.
She held my head tightly to her chest, and her hips twitched.
I kept pumping my cock into her as much as I could, but I was capable of little more than spasmodic grinding.
Eventually, the sensitivity in my cock rendered me paralysed, and I just couldn’t move anymore.
We lay there for I don’t know how long.
I was spent.
My face slid around on her sweat slicked chest, shoulder and neck.
I could feel her wet inner thighs sliding against my hips.
“Are you all right, Sweetie?” I whispered finally. Adult xxx Continue reading →

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In the end Jeanette had caved, just to humour her little sister, as she so often did.
Because Natalie was obviously having her on, playing some kind of sisterly prank for her own amusement.
But even if the stuff with the figurine was rubbish, there was Continue reading →

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Once tanked up, Gareth sat on the toilet and expelled the oily brew.
After returning to the shower where Jed was again wiping his dick, Gareth said, You know, I still haven’t tasted your jizz.
Well, why don’t we fix that right away, Jed suggested with a naughty grin.
As Gareth got to his knees, however, Jed mentioned that he still had half a tank that he first needed to unload.
The lusty look in Gareth’s eyes said it all and shorty, Gareth was enjoying a golden shower.
When the last few drops were being expelled from Jed, Gareth was already in full stride, sucking Jed’s knob.
The taste of piss and residue of oil was awesome, as Gareth did his very best with Jed’s monstrous cock.
Naturally, he wasn’t even able to fit half of Jed’s knob in his mouth but did his very best.
To Jed, the scene that had just played out had really got his horniness primed and when Gareth asked him to turn and spread his cheeks, the oral action on his pucker was mind-blowing.
It did not take very long before Jed once more turned and frantically tugging his knob, shot his load into Gareth’s mouth.
They both decided against showering afterward and merely used the wet facecloth to wipe themselves off.
The guys didn’t want to spoil the lovely funk that they had worked so hard to produce.
As they patted the excess moisture off their bodies with a towel, Jed said, Let’s get to bed, I need to fuck your arse again.
Jesus, Gareth replied with delight, Will I still be alive in the morning? Back in the bedroom as they lay side by side on Jed’s bed, Jed looked at Gareth with a serious expression and asked, Do you have to leave tomorrow? No.
I can stay a few days and then you can throw me out when you get sick of me, Gareth answered, smiling.
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