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Which brings us to now, Shannon said.
Lisa and I decided it was time to let you in on this, and that the time was finally right for what we had always wanted but could never have before.
We decided this weekend was the perfect chance for this.
We want to share you.
I want to experience my husband and my girlfriend at the same time, something I’ve wanted for so long but could never have.
Lisa slid behind Shannon and unzipped her dress, kissing the back of her neck.
Shannon reached out and grabbed the collars of my shirt and pulled me close, kissing me hard Continue reading →

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Anything she wants.
She climbs back onto the bed, straddles my hips, and begins rocking slowly against my growing erection.
She feigns a gasp when she feels how hard I’ve already become and leans down low to my ear.
Slut, she lets out the word in a slow hiss and I melt for her.
I hear myself let out a moan as I close my eyes and just feel her warmth against me – just let her have me.
Her fingertips lightly press against my closed eyelids as she whispers, “Good idea.
” My pleasure abruptly stops and I jerk towards her as she stands up but I am held back by ropes.
“Silly,” she teases, “you’re stuck there.
” I’d almost forgotten that I was tied.
The second realization brings a new heat of arousal and excitement.
She has a black blindfold.
“Lift your head.
” She secures it in one swift, skilled motion and my world is dark.
“Brilliant, isn’t it?” She enthuses, “I love this one. Continue reading →

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I then pushed the full length of the dildo inside her, alternating the speeds as I thrust it up and down whilst Kat fingered her clit.
She soon came, her whole body tightening as she yelled out in ecstasy and after a while she sat up and told me it was my turn.
Kat teased down my trousers and boxer shorts and told me to sit on the edge of the bed whilst she went and got a chair and sat in front of me.
I was still coming to terms with the fact i’d just made my boss cum let alone the fact she was now admiring my raging hard on as I sat in front of her! Kat slowly raised her feet towards Continue reading →

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The trio of Sally, Sarah and Kelly all acted like it was completely normal to be naked in the presence of others.
Renée looked around at the three younger ladies as the conversation flowed.
She was half looking at each person as they spoke, half looking at their beautiful naked body too.
The conversation went through ideas of things to do for the day.
I would love to go down to the river on the back boundary and go to our little secluded spot and swim nude together.
The sun is shining nice and warm today.
We could enjoy sunbathing and swimming nude.
Who else would like to do that? Kelly said.
The group met Kelly’s suggestion warmly.
The group dressed and walked down to the secluded swimming spot in the river.
Once again, all five ladies disrobed and Sarah offered to apply sun tan oil to each of the other ladies.
She did Kelly’s body first, then Sally, Jane and finally Renée.
As Sarah applied the lotion to Renée’s body, Sarah could not help but feel her body as much as apply the lotion.
Sarah was turned on by how Renée’s body felt so smooth.
Renée obviously worked out; her biceps were firm, but not huge like a bodybuilder.
Renée’s back, her sexy thighs, the tone of her whole body was amazing.
Okay that is your back done.
Turn around, hold your arms up and I will do your front for you, Sarah said to Renée in a seductive sultry tone.
Sarah then began to apply the lotion to Renée’s front.
Sarah put two coats on her breasts; to be sure they got Continue reading →

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We jumped in and settled down.
I’m James but my friends call me Jim she smiled and told me her name was Helen.
And I’ll call you James.
It’s got a sexy sound to it! She soon launched into her story.
She’d been living at a small hotel.
She’d turned up there one day looking for work and stayed for over Continue reading →

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However, his best friend here is our neighbor Jean, and his wife Marie.
We all get along pretty well.
The guys go to hockey games, and Marie and I enjoy the tremendous art community here.
We all bonded pretty quickly, and we dine together at least twice a week at restaurants, and we alternate cooking dinner once a week.
Dining at home, however, has it’s drawbacks.
Like wine Continue reading →

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I fixed my lipstick after Ricky left and had another beer and watched some TV since it was still several hours before Mom came home from work.
(Mom knew I dressed as a girl of course but I usually keep it to a minimum when she is around.
) About an hour later I heard the Continue reading →

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I stay where I am for a moment while you fetch a towel to clean up a bit.
I grab the towel when you offer it and you place a kiss on my lips.
Both satisfied, we lay together in bed again to watch TV.
Mornings like this are my favorite.
It was just after six in the morning and Sarah stood naked, peering through the glass panels of her front door.
It was the middle of the week and people were getting up and starting their day.
Although it was September, the temperature was at seventy-two and expected to climb into the low eighties.
The sky was cloudfree and the sun shown bright on the street outside Sarah’s house.
After yesterday’s adventure, she felt more alive and excited than she had ever felt before.
She had exposed herself to others, shown her tits and her ass and her pussy to total strangers.
And they had liked it.
She had seen it in their faces.
She was attractive and sexy and desirable.
She had slept little the night before, reliving it all.
Now she knew she would have to do it again.
The newspaper lay on the front lawn Continue reading →

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I stopped gazing around in amazement to see that her blush had faded completely now that she was on familiar ground giving a speech she knew by heart.
“Thank you so much.
You have been amazing Ari,” I said, reaching out and touching her shoulder.
“can I ask you a question?” I said letting Continue reading →