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Oh thank goodness.
Fuck! The slave’s tongue swims into Ashley’s desperate pussy.
Oh Fuck me.
This will all be over soon and I’m finally going to cum! Eager to please Mistress, the slave wiggles and licks every warm, sensitive inch of Ashley’s sex.
Ashley can feel the waves of an unrelenting orgasm start to throb deep inside her.
Oh fuck! I can feel it! The pulsing surge of delicious sensations flowing through Ashley’s cunt, ass and belly, begin to change her.
She can feel herself losing control over her remaining senses, over her willpower, over her sanity.
Her body begs for Continue reading →

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Luckily my bed had a metal frame, so there was framework at the top and bottom to attach them to.
Alan came up behind me and put his arms round me as I was fiddling with the straps and nuzzled at my neck.
Mmm, I’m looking forward to seeing you in those, he muttered.
He slipped his hands up the front of my t-shirt and began stroking my breasts through my bra.
He knew that always turned me on, and I purred as his fingers rubbed over my nipples.
He pulled my t-shirt off and unclasped my bra.
Damn it, Annie, you’re hot, he said, his hands roaming over my bare skin, especially my tits.
My nipples were like hard little raisins; I was feeling a bit excited.
“Come on then, I said, unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down as I sat on the Continue reading →

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I recoiled, but Susie smiled and I relaxed a bit.
Defiantly I asked is it because you got turned on watching Hannah spank me? Or maybe it was watching Zoe spank Jeff? she replied with her cheeky smirk that I loved to see on her face.
Then she said more seriously either way Marty, one last time, Zoe gets full spanking rights over you.
I looked at my wife.
I knew I would have to accept it.
Once I accepted the spanking from Hannah it didn’t make sense to deny Zoe and in fact Zoe spanking me made more sense really.
So I knew that sooner or later try as I might to be good I will do something silly and Zoe will order me to go across her knee and she will give me the painful and no doubt educational spanking she just gave Jeff.
I guess I had to accept my daughter was all grown up and was ready to take on that responsibility.
It’s not all bad Marty.
When I’m back I’ll make sure she tells me if she is about to spank you.
I want to watch, and then I want to play like we have just done.
I smiled.
So not all bad news then.
Then it struck me.
The way she was talking it was like Zoe would be the one to always spank me.
Susie saw the realisation in my face and said that’s right Marty, Zoe gives you all your spankings from now on.
I was dumbfounded.
Of course I didn’t realise that Susie had come to that conclusion Continue reading →

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Maybe it was a little friendly attention that I was craving more than anything else that had me unable to resist smiling back at him.
Flirting with this stranger had been was the most fun I’d had on the entire trip up until that point. Continue reading →

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With the help of a little wine over dinner, Mom opened up.
She told me how she didn’t blame Dad for leaving her for a younger woman.
She went on and on about how she was getting older and wasn’t very attractive anymore and some stupid shit about being fat until I had to finally stop her.
Mom, First of all…You’re pretty good looking; hot actually… You’re just trying to make me feel better and I really appreciate it Brian but… But nothing Continue reading →

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Insinuating she is a prostitute in front of other professional people as well as friends and other members of the public, in a public place that we all, as adults, have a right to be in, very much fits that definition.
By now the first cop was practically glowing with rage.
He was clenching his fists and I honestly thought I was about to receive a thorough beating when the other cops stepped in.
Things were very intense for what felt like an eternity but was probably only about ten seconds.
Realising there was little more he could do, at least with this many witnesses, he just looked at me in disgust.
If I were you I’d get going home now and I wouldn’t waste my time hanging around outside here either.
He stormed to the end of Continue reading →

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Lacey leaned forward, soon finding herself on a path of no return.
She opened her lips and stuck one of Amanda’s large breasts into her wide open mouth.
While Lacey couldn’t fit all of the soft flesh inside, she grabbed a good chunk of it, as much as her mouth allowed anyway.
Lacey began to suck on Amanda’s breast, feeling the nipple scrape against her tongue inside. Kerala anty Continue reading →

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He cherished them and always took them home with him.
I guess that’s why we spent so much time together.
I couldn’t listen to music unless he came over.
I put this album on Tegan’s player.
I could only smile back at her.
Hey Teegs, I said.
Hey sleepyhead, she said leaning on my thigh.
She stood up and began undressing.
The Continue reading →