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Just down all the way pressing hard, then slowly rising up, twisting back and forth as she went until all I had left in her was the tip of my cock which she would sometimes take short, inch-long strokes up and down using her pussy lips to fuck my cock’s crown so wonderfully.
I have never felt anything better.
Lissa could patent that and make millions.
Then, once in a while, she would take a few fast strokes up and down, up and down, the whole length of me.
“Mmm, oh, man, this feels so good,” she panted, then she pushed down all the way on me driving me as deep as I could go Continue reading →

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I could see the wantonness in her eyes, then with a swift motion she ushered me underneath the desk while swiveling the chair to trap and close me beneath the desk.
I needed no further instructions and proceeded to lick and worship her.
Sucking her toes into my mouth, I bathed ever inch Continue reading →

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I think that there may be more to this adventure … The wind is all around me blowing through my hair It’s cold without you I need to have you here I want you to make all of the wrongs right I want to be bare before your eyes To take away the lies I want you to touch me as only you can I want you to kiss my tears away as I am crying out your name I want to come against your hands as you fill me with your touch Take me with your mouth Rough with teeth and tongue Taste me Feel me Make Continue reading →

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She noticed my hard dick pushing the thin sheet upward and looked up into my eyes as she asked, Does it excite you that I am with other guys? I blushed from the embarrassment and took a big breath as I carefully answered, Yeah… I did get aroused those few unforgettable times I have gotten to watch you.
She reached off to the side of the bed and picked up her bikini bottom, pinched between two fingers, and squished her nose as she laughed and said, I kind of got that idea when I found these this morning.
She slyly looked at me as she tossed them beside the bed and laughed as she told me, I think I might need to wash them before I go swimming again.
Then with a suggestive look she smiled, Then maybe I won’t wash Continue reading →

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Next thing I knew I had so many hits on my profile I was wondering if I’d made a hugh mistake LOL or if I was going to have a lot of fun.
After sorting through several responses I hit upon a 45 year old married military man from Virginia.
I was really horny as I had not had sex with my husband for about 10 months.
After corresponding a few days, I met him at a local restaurant for lunch.
After lunch we spent a delightful afternoon pleasing each other in lots of ways.
Of course I was nervous but he made me forget about all of that with his bear hugs and passionate kisses.
Before I knew it we were completly naked.
I’m one of those women who likes a firm touch on my breasts and this guy figured it out immediately.
While he is nibbling on my tits his hands are wondering all over me and he finds that very sensitive spot between my legs.
I feel myself becomming very aroused and very wet.
I had to back away or I would have had an orgasm immediately.
Of course my hands were everywhere on him as well.
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Her tongue came out and she leaned forward, tracing it wetly from the base of his cock to the tip.
Calvin tried to speak but his voice caught in his throat.
His hand moved across her face to sink into her hair as her lips closed around the head of his cock, urging him deeper into her mouth.
It was everything he’d been dreaming of Continue reading →

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Like the two nights prior, I was wearing black lingerie with black underwear, heels and the short skirt which barely covered my ass.
As I stirred my cocktail with the straw, I heard a familiar intro as Billy Ocean’s When the going gets tough came on.
I couldn’t help but start to sing along and sway my head as it played.
It had to be my favourite song from the decade, I was just in love with it but then again, I thought eighties music was better than the songs that were released by today’s artists.
The music just had more passion behind them and were in all, just superior.
As the song started to get into the chorus I stood up and danced slightly, I had always been able to move fluently rather than the jerky movements some women do and before long, I was lost in the music.
I giggled slightly as the song came to an end.
There was just something about it that always made me feel happier than I was before.
I quickly sat back on the stool and took a huge sip from my cocktail as two muscular black men stood next to me.
They shouted to the bartender for their drinks and sweetly, one of them asked for a refill of mine.
The young man behind the bar hurried around like a mad man as he prepared the drinks.
Whilst he did, the man who ordered me another drink offered me to go sit with him and his friend.
I was a bit shy to begin with but as I downed my old drink, I accepted his offer.
He held my hand as I slipped off Continue reading →

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She kept looking over her shoulders to see if anyone recognized her.
When she finally arrived at the door and knocked, the door only opened after what felt like an eternity to Kelly.
Standing in front of her was Dean Lewis.
He was as imposing and intimidating as usual, but looked different.
He was wearing a fitted white shirt, with the first three buttons from the collar undone, and marine, silk-looking pants, hemmed right above the ankle, which fitted him like a glove.
Without uttering a word, he motioned Kelly to come in.
She obliged, and as she entered, she scanned the condo.
What caught her attention was the ceiling to floor windows that took up a whole wall, overlooking the city as the sun set.
It was almost dusk, and the room was filled with a vibrant orange light.
Beautiful, isn’t it? You can only look out from these windows, not in, Dean Lewis said, while looking out the window.
He then remained silent, with his hands in his pockets, his eyes looking out intently, while the dying sunlight bathed his face.
With both hands held tightly together, and her head bowed, Continue reading →

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Or to you? Well, she’s not seriously into girl-girl stuff either, but it seems like everyone in this kink thing just does whatever to whoever.
Or, at least, that’s the case for the crew that Erik hangs out with.
So, do you all get hot and heavy when Erik’s not around to be an audience? Ah… yeah, kind of.
It’s like, you know, just something to do.
Just passing the time, huh? Well, if you’re going to be all bitchy about it… Only pointing out: you might be the teensiest bit more willing and interested than you’ve been saying.
That’s all.
Well, that’s what scares me.
I mean, what if I’ve really liked women better all along, and that’s been my problem with men? I’m just not sure of who Continue reading →