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As she walked towards the car I couldn’t take my eyes off her swaying hips and her long intoxicating legs.
I quickly got out and opened the door for her.
She stopped and held my offered hand lightly and smiled.
So that very rare species does exist.
A gentleman.
I could get used to this.
She laughed and then continued, So, do I clean-up ok? I guess the look on my face spoke volumes as Megan just laughed and slid into the car seat.
I tried to not be obvious, but I couldn’t help my eyes following her ass and legs as she swung into the seat.
She glanced back and caught me looking so I quickly looked away and she smiled knowingly.
I had been caught! On the ride over I told her I might not stay too long after dinner.
I guess she could tell I Continue reading →

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Every inch of his body felt like it poured with pleasure and it went on even after he’d stopped moving, even as he just lay there, his weight on her and the world coming back to life.
He moved, his cock slipping free of her body and they lay there a while, breathing hard on the cold floor.
Ivy was asleep when Calvin finally got home.
He stripped and got quietly into bed, trying his best not to wake her.
But he failed.
Her eyes flickered open and she blinked a few times before turning to look at him.
Did you talk to her? Calvin nodded slowly.
He felt dazed, drunk on Sofia and the night. Continue reading →

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She then lifted her left leg, and swung it over His knee – and swung her right leg over the guard’s knee spreading herself wide, as the wet tip of the dildo continued its downward travels, stopping briefly at her engorged clit – where it began to tease almost of its own will.
The men were closing in around her, their breath audible and their intensity feeding her actions.
She lowered the dildo to her lips and slowly pushed it inside, working it deeper and deeper.
Though she was nervous about Continue reading →

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They drew all kinds of attention as they liked to show off their bodies in the tiniest, shortest of skirts and skimpiest of attire.
Mind you, I was every bit as entertained and appreciative of the view as was anyone.
As the semester came to a close the entire campus and the thousands of fans that make up the Dawgnation were extremely excited because our university’s football team, the Georgia Bulldogs, had won the SEC East and were going play LSU in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship.
And it turned out that Jennifer’s dad had given her 4 tickets for us to go to the game.
So on the big night, Jennifer and I went to the game along with Brittany and a guy named Hartley, an older guy about 24, from Connecticut, who was Continue reading →

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God, I wish that had been true.
Instead of seeing her naked when I looked down, I saw she was already dressed and ready for work.
I pouted slightly.
No fair.
It was a little breathier than I had planned.
Her breath blew warm across my wet lips as she chuckled, and her tongue flicked over my clit.
She sucked it into her mouth one last time, and rubbed it between her lips.
It popped out and she kissed it gently.
I lifted my hips and rubbed it along her lips, trying to tempt her to continue.
I felt her breath on my lips again, as she Continue reading →

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She reached down and grabbed my very hard penis.
The touch alone almost made me cum.
It was too surreal for me to do anything.
I didn’t even say anything.
I let her do everything.
She set it up and held my dick by her pussy and slid down on it.
Her pussy oozed her juices onto our groin areas and my dick easily slid inside her.
Our crotches were soaked pressed against each other.
The moisture and friction we made more than enough lube.
She came up off me and thrust down again, this time settling down at the base of my cock being filling in her.
She gave a few more thrust with her body pressed against mine.
She breathed very deeply and then orgasmed.
I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my dick, and then was time for me too.
I pulled out and my dick got sandwiched between out two bodies and I squirted between our mashed together stomachs.
We then fell asleep.
Amy on top of me.
No words were spoken.
I awoke to hearing the shower run and Van getting dressed.
“Bro that was some awesome night.
” He said.
“Where is everybody?” “Your hot ass sis is in the shower.
Joy left.
” “I can’t believe you fucked her.
” “Yeah I feel a bit bad, but come on, I’m the one with the broken heart.
We’ll go out and I’ll get you two girls.
I promise.
Besides you didn’t appear that into her.
” “Whatever.
I didn’t really care.
” “That’s what I thought.
” “How’d you go again so quickly though.
” Van smirked at his own slyness.
“I totally faked it with you sister.
Not that I had too, I could’ve busted on nut easily on her, but when I saw Joy’s face when you were eating her out, I knew I had to have it.
” “That’s beyond uncool dude.
” “Don’t use my term.
” Van stated.
I sat up keeping my waist covered, Van had no idea what Amy and I had done, so in a way it was almost fair.
He fucked my girl and I fucked his.
“You could have sprung Continue reading →

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Hey, let me help you, he said.
Sure, I could always use some help, I said, thinking that it would be a good idea for the two of us to busy ourselves while we waited for his mom to pick him up.
He began by helping me take out the clothes from the dryer and then we went over to sort the pile of clothes.
I was quickly handing him the clothes that would go in the washer, but I hesitated when I Continue reading →