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I darted my tongue out to lick him, and had another idea.
Sinking to my knees, I reached for the front of his jeans, and found myself wondering just how straight I was as I unbuckled his belt, slipped the button free, and slid his zipper down.
“I think I promised to return the favor last night,” I said as I pulled the denim off his lean hips, just enough that I could free his cock.
As intimidating as he’d felt in the dark, the feeling doubled when I could actually see the monster he kept in his pants.
A good seven inches and quite thick, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to fit in my mouth.
Thank God Eric took charge when he did.
“Are you going to sit there and look at it, or put it in your mouth?” he prompted, and I shook myself, stroking him a little and getting myself accustomed to his cock before I leaned forward, swiping my tongue across the tip.
It wasn’t so bad as I first thought it might be, so I scooted forward on my knees, putting the head of his dick in my mouth and swirling my tongue around it, trying to remember what I knew about blow jobs.
Basing this purely off things I liked, I tested how far I could get him into my mouth without gagging, and was disappointed when I barely made it halfway down.
“Lot harder than it looks in porn,” I mumbled as I kissed down the side of his shaft, hearing him chuckle as I dragged my tongue up the underside, popping him in my mouth again and bobbing my head. Xxx gif pov Continue reading →

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Chubby face hair style. That’s what I came for!” He craned his neck forwards to watch me being penetrated.
He peered intently down at Ricky’s cock as it inched its way into me and laughed at the sight of my puckered arsehole stretching and expanding as Continue reading →

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Suddenly, math was completely out of Steve’s mind.
Steve closed the book and set it on the floor.
He quickly got up and almost joined his mother right beside her.
Stay there! Her volume quickly reminded him of his almost disastrous error.
He crept closer but remained off camera.
There were four people Continue reading →

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He couldn’t tell whether or not she was wearing panties, but from what he had seen so far, he guessed that she wasn’t.
David had been interested in the sports but now all he could think about was Julie.
Fortunately for him, his pajama bottoms were the draw-string type.
They didn’t have an opening in the front.
Watching Julie was making David hard again and if there had been an opening in his pants, his cock would probably have been sticking out.
As it was, the front was tenting out quite a bit.
David thought, “Its a good thing I’m lying on my side.
It keeps me from being too obvious.
” Julie had her chin resting on her hands in front of her.
As the talk show came on she bent her legs at the knees and raised her feet in the air.
She Continue reading →

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After each time, I would slowly stroke her delicate hairs a bit deeper.
Finally, and quite suddenly, she stirred.
Ahhh, that’s cold! She exclaimed.
Well, good morning, sleepy head.
I answered back.
As the tide rose up again between her legs, I took my wet fingers and began to gently stroke her soft folds.
Each time the waters lapped up, I would go deeper into her with my wet fingers.
She began to emit soft moans, which soon were becoming quite audible.
Her perfect young nipples were so hard and erect, they were casting shadows from the morning sun along the upper portion of her perfect round breasts.
After a while, I could tell that the ocean waters were not the only wetness on my fingers.
I sat up and leaned over and gave her a big, deep kiss on the lips.
Her golden blond hair never looked better than it did that morning spread out on the sand in the morning light.
I rose up and positioned myself between her thighs.
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A matching white pair of knickers was revealed and I wondered if they were as damp my own jockeys from pre-cum or Mel’s panties from pussy juice.
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She only offered a warm smile, and then took Claire’s hand and led her to Jim’s spacious desk.
She pushed her gently to the edge and then lays her down on the desk top, and then she reached behind herself and pulled Jim by his throbbing meat pole.
She guided his thick manhood into Claire’s half-open mouth, and then returned to sucking on his nipples, slowly moving up to his neck, and finally up to his lips where she engaged him in a deep, heart racing tongue play.
He was moaning and sighing in her mouth, as the slivers of pleasure licked through him from the tender oral ministration with which Claire was favoring his cock.
Claire was sucking on his thick cock and licking on the thick veins criss-crossing his fat shaft.
She held on as best she could, restraining it from jumping about with one hand, while rubbing her own throbbing clit with the other.
Although she had been eaten by women a few times back in college, and she wasn’t planning on doing anything like that ever again, the presence of a naked Jess in such close and intimate proximity filled her with a mixture of awkwardness and great excitement that sent her pulse racing Continue reading →

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Yeah, I think a lot of people are into this sort of thing, you girls seem to get sexier as you get older.
Thanks, I think.
Well just think about it, when you were first married would you have done this? No, I laughed, Although I might have been tempted if you’d been around.
Yeah, I wish I had been around, he said with a smile, I might have married you.
Mm, nice thought, and we went into the warmth of his house.
We took our coats off and Continue reading →

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I bit my lip to stop a moan from escaping.
He knew the sign and grabbed at my other breast, bringing his mouth down to my nipple and teased it with his tongue.
I couldn’t stop it this time and a moan of pleasure escaped.
He stopped his delicious assault on my tits as soon as I moaned.
Come now slut, you know the rules.
He pulled hard on my restraints, which lurched my arms up and they hung above my head; I was helpless and oh so horny.
He moved behind me to the table of toys, sounds filled the air as he was looking for the thing to keep me quiet.
I felt the heat from his body behind me, he stepped closer so I could feel the fabric from his clothes on my back and his strained hard on from his crotch on my buttocks.
Moving my hair out of the way, he reached round and placed the ball gag in my mouth.
I could taste the rubber and it pulled on my lips as he strapped it tight in place.
No noise, slut.
Thin walls.
We can’t have you waking up the whole neighbourhood again.
Although, an over exaggeration I am very verbal and the sounds of my moans of pleasure brings our fun to an end sooner than either of us would like.
He moved around to stand in front of me and he Continue reading →