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This time we swapped tongues and I took her in my arms and pulled her close.
My cock was about to bust out of my jeans as my hand traveled down her back and began to kneed her incredibly sexy ass.
I pulled her close to me as we kissed and she moaned as I did.
My hands moved up to her breasts and I began to caress the right one.
It felt so good in my hand.
I pulled her close again and kissed her on those soft supple lips.
I told her through the kiss that I had wanted her from the moment I saw her and that this was a dream come true.
I felt her suddenly tighten up and she backed away from me.
Bob, she said.
I am afraid that I am not the woman Continue reading →

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Nina slowly turned, never letting me slip out.
I reached up and put my hands on her breasts, taking her nipples between thumbs and index fingers.
She moaned and she began riding me.
She got a strong rhythm going.
I sat up and took one nipple between my lips and used the fingers of my free hand to rub her clit.
Nina slowed at one point and said, you are going so deep.
It was true, I could feel the head of my cock touching her cervix.
It’s not hurting is it? No, it doesn’t hurt.
She pushed me back down and shifted her hips as she lay low still driving me into her.
I’m going to cum soon, she said.
Me too! I began short thrusting moves into her.
Simultaneously we stiffened, exhaled, and came.
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They had to be at least ten inches, and they were jolting with hardness.
My pussy was dripping with excitement as I dropped to my knees.
They both stood over me as I clasped both of their huge erections with my hands.
I slowly started to work my hands back and forth, gently manipulating them.
I then began to work my mouth into it.
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In front of her the wife made new, fruitless movements, growling behind the gag.
Geoff chuckled.
Her tight little pussy has to be experienced to be believed.
Jeanette was ahead of herself, hardly knowing or caring what she was saying.
Yes! Make me take your big cock! Please fuck my tight little pussy! The wife moaned and tried to writhe.
Jeanette cried out as Geoff grabbed her nipples, tugging on them, stretching her breasts.
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He smiled, returned our passports, and sent us on our way.
Arriving at the hotel early in the afternoon, we checked in and headed to our rooms.
I had booked Dee a nice suite of her own at my expense.
That way she was nearby if I needed her but could enjoy herself while I was trying to seduce Angie.
After a quick shower, I confirmed my restaurant reservation and then sent Continue reading →

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Well, let’s forget him, Melissa said, cuddling up into Mike’s arms.
She had gotten incredibly aroused, and she desperately needed to cum.
Mike held her gently in his arms and caressed her, then took off the tee shirt she was wearing.
She had bruises and hickeys all over her upper body and arms.
My God, what did he do to you? It’s all right, forget it, she said, desperate for Mike to enter her Continue reading →

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Elated, I returned his kiss with vigor.
My arms encircled his neck, pushing my naked body against him, opening a floodgate in Kyle.
I felt a smile form on his lips just before he parted mine with his tongue.
My tongue, eager to explore, ventured out to play.
With a groan ofsatisfaction, Kyle’s hands began to travel down my back until they reached his goal.
Gripping my ass firmly, he pressed our loins together.
I moaned as I felt his hard cock through his jeans.
How long we kissed, I’m not sure, but finally we broke the kiss.
I looked around to see Zoe leaning back, enjoying the show.
“Mind if I join in?” Kyle had been grinding us together as we kissed and I was so hot at the moment, I was overly eager.
And Zoe, bless her, I would give her anything in exchange for what she had arranged.
I glanced at Kyle as a wicked smile formed on my lips.
I turned to face Zoe, falling to my hands and knees on the bed.
I pulled Zoe to me, situated myself and her before I looked over my shoulder at Kyle.
“Feel free to join in. Continue reading →