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We set up the little belongings we brought and turned on the transistor radio.
Debbie and I sat there in the sand just holding hands for some time barely saying a word.
We were just enjoying the gorgeous blue sky adorned with puffy clouds that hung like cotton candy over the crystal clear blue water.
The gulls sang their own special tune as they hovered overhead, sometimes passing so close it seemed you could reach out and grab one.
After a while, I reached into the bag and took out two beers.
I opened one and passed it to Debbie and then opened one for myself.
Where we were sitting was for all practical purposes invisible to the other beachgoers because of the position of the jetties.
After a few beers, we headed into the water and had fun splashing each other and bobbing up and down in the waves.
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Again her hand was under my uniform, and again, her tongue tasted of cigars.
This time, I unfastened her trousers and, pushing them down, delighted that she was wearing no undergarments.
It was my turn to invade Miss Cole; two fingers of my right hand slipped easily into her vagina, unnoticed by my amour, my left hand held the device behind her back.
A moment later the vibrating engine passing through her anus, came as a complete shock.
She stood bolt upright and accepted her fate.
I could see, her whole body was in harmony with the timbre of the engine.
She grabbed me and pulled me close, part for support, part for companionship.
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She had never heard a grown man weep before, and he was weeping uncontrollably.
She tentatively held his head against her breast, and he finally sank down onto her shoulder, sucking her breast and quietly sobbing.
Tears had streamed down onto her chest.
You strange, strange man, she thought.
What in the hell is the matter with you.
He lay on her shoulder for a long time sucking on her breast.
She stroked his head, and he began to relax, then he began snoring softly.
She continued caressing his head, even though he was asleep.
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Muffled moans, grunting, passionate cries and the sound of slapping flesh all emanated from the various portals.
A half open door offered a more intimate vignette.
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Chapel’s this way, she said, entwining her arm with mine.
Come with me.
We sat in the first row.
Some guy with a mournful look stood at a podium and mouthed platitudes about death being a passage and that the dead guy, he looked at the program to find his name, would be waiting on the other side.
Shania leaned into me and clutched my arm.
After about fifteen minutes of chatter and some sad music, everybody was invited to trek to the graveside for the burial.
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