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I said, “Well, obviously you are extremely beautiful, and from how much I know you you seem like a really caring person.
I think a guy would be lucky to have you.
” “Would you want to be my boyfriend? Hypothetically of course!” “I wish, but let’s face it.
You have the choice of just about any guy in america why would you choose some nobody like me?” “Jim,” she replied, “A woman would be lucky to have you.
You’re thoughtful and caring, you are extremely handsome and being a tall girl there’s not many guys that I can date because I won’t date a guy shorter than me Continue reading →

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We had a great couple of hours fucking before it was time to get lunch.
~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesday.
We are members of an adult club and usually go every Tuesday night.
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The whole idea of some good-looking, young guy screwing you, well, look,” and he lifts the covers up and his cock is pretty hard, “see what the idea does to me? I hope he gave you a great time.
You’ve deserved it.
” “I’m surprised that you’re so liberal about it, Brian.
” “Well, why not.
I get you as much as I want.
These days you seem to want sex more than I do, why shouldn’t you have it? It really doesn’t bother me at all.
You should have let the guy do you.
And more than once.
” “What if I did?” There I said it.
“Good, I’d say.
I just hope he gave you a really great fucking.
” I snuggled into him, reached down and squeezed his cock and whispered, “Yes, he did and it was wonderful.
I hope you’re not angry.
” “No, hon, like I said, you deserved a good fucking, I hope you got it more than once.
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One day, he told Emily about this beautiful, magical spot he found and went to every day.
It was about a ten minute bike ride out of town and he loved painting there, but there was something else that surprised her.
He started calling her Em instead of Emily.
He’d say, Em, you should have seen the fish jumping in the pond and now there’s a couple of swans Continue reading →

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At first, I thought you were a child abuser when Ashley said she was doing it with her brother-in-law.
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He took off my panties and just checked me out from head to toe, I know he especially liked my tits.
Aren’t you gonna tell me how sexy I’m Brad? I asked.
Sis, you give ‘sexy’ and ‘beautiful’ whole new meanings, Brad replied.
What about ‘pretty’ though? I asked.
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Looking deep into his eyes, I held his face and kissed him.
Immediately, I felt his penis throb against my ass as he opened his mouth to accept my tongue.
I broke off the kiss long enough to say, Let’s go really slow this time.
I want you to learn all about my body.
You have from now until the end of the school year to learn how to please me in every way imaginable.
So there is no rush at all.
His penis was continuing to pulse against my bottom as I spoke.
I loved the way his young penis reacted to me.
I returned to kissing him deeply, and I took his hand and raised it to my breast.
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You pranced and danced, twisted and shook your booty.
In grand fashion, my Cinderella, you tripped the light fantastic.
Dolled up, long legs and juicy red lips, you went grinding on the prince, twirling and parading in the spotlight.
I saw you driving down Route 66 in an old Chevy, top down, wind in your hair, with a fancy cowboy sitting by your side, playing a funky ditty on a glittery dobro.
Oh Cinderella, the party never ends, like you said, its money on the stage.
Somewhere along that golden road, you changed and threw away my heart, like your glass slipper, it shattered on the ground.
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