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Well… I have nothing to spill with my marriage.
So what do you want to do? I asked in the most innocent tone… He got up and he took off his jacket.
He rolled up his sleeves.
Do you have liquor? He walked towards my hidden mini bar.
I walked towards him and stood next to him.
Why? I need some so I can use it as a reason to do this.
Do what? Always asking questions.
He grabbed me and before I could understand what was going on he took my lips in between his, parting my them with his tongue.
I pushed him off me.
What do you think you are doing? He walked towards my patient couch or sofa and sat down.
Like I said, always asking questions.
I’m on this couch, join me.
Why? Yes, I’ll join you.
Because after the first day you are the only reason I come here.
So come here.
I want to see if your underwear matches your dress.
The way he made his comments with no expression was the hottest thing ever.
He never smiled, he never frowned, and he just always had a straight face… a straight sexy face.
I thought for a while.
I walked past him straight to the door.
He stood up and picked up his jacket.
Kicking me out, I guess.
Then I smiled and locked the door.
He dropped his jacket, walked towards me and kissed me on my frontal lobe.
Then he hugged me and as his hands massaged my back, my zip came down as well.
He pushed the dress off my shoulders and stepped back.
Once he did, I shook Continue reading →

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As the first days passed, I grew more and more comfortable in testing the boundaries of what I could say to Brittany without drawing Aaron’s attention to our conversation.
I began to use lesser evil curses, like hell and damn, before quickly graduating to ass and bitch, and eventually sparsely sprinkling in the harder cusses like shit and fuck.
After the first few lessons, the class was given upwards of 45min of time each day to work on a task until it was due or until we’d moved onto another project.
Being that Brittany and I had a slight bit of privacy from the rest of the class, we would often have more chatty and gossipy conversations during this daily work time than we normally would have so fresh into a new semester.
Soon enough, I would catch Aaron, whom I thought of as Mr.
Wilson at the time, smiling or glancing over at me when I would make a quick quip at Brittany or said something a touch crude to her.
A couple of weeks into September, he’d begun to talk to Brittany and I as more than a teacher, giving his opinion on situations when we’d take breaks in our rants to one another.
He seemed to take a special and particular liking to me, grading me highly as well as complimenting my wit, humour, and intelligence often.
I don’t know if Brittany ever noticed, but to me it felt wonderful.
I finally felt seen and appreciated, and the high 90’s on my midterm report didn’t hurt when it came around just after my 17th birthday in late October.
Soon enough my first semester was over, and I knew that out of all my teachers I would miss seeing Aaron the most.
I’d look forward to seeing him around the school, but I doubted we’d ever have enough time to catch up passing each other in the halls like two ships in the night.
I knew that no one else would make me feel as special and good about myself as he did, his gentle voice assuring me with confidence that I was great in ways I hadn’t ever really believed I could be.
But I thought our time together was over, so I accepted this and moved on, as time stops for no one.
However, as time proved, I’d thought wrong.
Aaron would be very important in my sexual maturation and graduation, something which had been developing since I’d discovered my parent’s hardcore porn and homemade vacation swinger videos when I was Continue reading →

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I’m going to teach you to properly ride whatever is put between your legs.
Then he moves her into a position place nestles his hard cock lies between her legs.
Now you are going to raise up when I say UP rising until my cock is just barely between you legs.
Then when I say DOWN you are going to slide down my cock and press your pelvis tight against mine.
You are not to drop my cock and it is to remain between your legs and never inside of you … understand … same rules as before I say UP you rise up.
I say DOWN you bring yourself down pressing into my pelvis as you did the wand.
We start now.
UP girl.
Now DOWN, then pushing hard against her back driving her into his pelvis with one hand he Continue reading →

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We explained to Andy that Dave was one of Lisa’s regular lovers and that she went out with him every Thursday night.
Lisa looked at me and then at Andy and quietly asked, Charley, if Andy wants, would it be ok if he became one of my lovers too? I looked at Andy and asked, What do you think, would you like that.
He answered very excitedly that he thought it would be great.
For the next couple of minutes Lisa and I went over the guidelines we insist on if someone is to be her lover and told him that Tuesday night would be reserved for him and how often each month would he be able to meet her that night? I told him Dave was pretty much able to be with her every Thursday and it was up to Andy to decide what his schedule would be with her.
Being a trucker he wouldn’t be able to be with her every Continue reading →

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We found the shop and went inside; the lady spoke reasonable English and was very helpful, assisting us with what we were looking for.
Leaving the shop with our bags of goodies, we headed down the street for a nearby café where we sipped an aromatic coffee and smoked a cigarette, as we put more detail on our plan for the afternoon, Jayne coming up with a neat little twist.
Taking a different route back to the hotel, we passed a sex shop and decided to go in.
We browsed the shelves filled with clothing, underwear, whips, handcuffs and an array of toys, most of which I had hardly imagined existed.
We looked at the large selection of dildos and vibrators.
Jayne picked up a box with an image of a thick cock on the front, the text proclaiming wonderful things for the user.
She suggested we get one and I replied that two might be more fun, so we could use them on each other or on ourselves, while watching each other.
Suddenly my eyes alighted on a clear fronted package containing a bright pink dildo.
Curved into a U shape in the packaging, it was almost half a metre long and had a large cock shaped head at Continue reading →

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He’d stripped naked to massage her the first time.
He’d said to her, Sexy women should be massaged by a naked man, don’t you think? She had agreed and he had fucked her very beautifully that first time and every time since.
He always chose a different way to finish the massage.
The first time he Continue reading →

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Abigaile johnson gets gangbanged by black cocks. Group adult video. We travelled down in Kat’s Mercedes, exchanging small talk and got on really well.
I couldn’t help staring at Kat’s legs clad in jet black stockings which were being revealed more and more as her skirt rode up her thighs as she drove.
The skirt was matched by a black business suit and white undershirt, all which I imagine were from the very expensive shelf in a branded shop somewhere! We arrived at the pitch destination and I watched a true professional in action.
Kat had them eating from her hand, working the clients with her knowledge Continue reading →

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For instance, if you were prepared to touch yourself, in one fell swoop it’d double the money, no trouble.
What, you mean…? Gina’s mouth was hanging open.
The miracle was that she hadn’t thought to close her thighs.
That’s right, Ben said.
Um, touch yourself for the camera, and you get double the money, easy.
Gina stared at him.
Something in her eyes told him a small part of her might be persuaded.
Out loud she said, I couldn’t.
It’s too personal.
I get that, Ben said.
It’s not for everyone.
Still, for the real hardcore stuff, you’d make more in an afternoon than you do in a month at that call centre.
He had no idea if that was true, nor did he care.
Are you for real? Gina asked.
None of this was real, Ben thought.
It couldn’t be.
It was Continue reading →

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He had some serious low hanging big balls, I liked and sucked at them barely able to get half of one in my mouth.
I started working on his semi-hard cock.
As Six grew bigger, Five was thrusting faster.
Soon Six was a full 9 inches long with a giant mushroom head that I could barely fit in mouth.
Finally Five reached his limit and dumped an enormous amount of seed in my ass.
Wave after wave of cum.
He pulled out and I could feel my ass gaping, some of the five loads of sperm leaking out down my taint and balls.
Stud Six moves around behind me and I am filled with fear of what Continue reading →

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I squeezed her hand again, pulling her attention back one final time.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” I pleaded, desperately.
She just shrugged at me, so I persisted.
“‘Do you think you should?” She once again looked at him and his cock.
Then she shrugged again, as if she’d had her voice box fished out by his giant rod.
He spoke in the end, putting an end to the one sided debate.
“Its not to late.
” he said as Continue reading →