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Element is still trembling from her orgasm as Boudica gently slides out of her and takes Elements legs from around her shoulders.
Again she slowly kisses and licks Elements juices from her dripping pussy.
She comes up to lay beside Element and says “God you are so fucking hot Element”.
Element is eager to please Boudica and knows that she needs to come by her uneven breathing.
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I am crying out with pain but it does’t affect her.
She only tells me repeatedly, I am inviting extra stokes for moving out my position.
My face was streaked with tears and I am not thinking about how much it hurt not the consequences of moving out.
At last, she told me that I have invited 4 more strokes for moving out my position repeatedly.
She asked me put my legs together as she is going to give extra strokes on my thigh.
Till then, cane spanking is over.
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Amanda’s hand began to draw south once more, this time it floated over Lacey’s stomach and down to between Lacey’s thighs.
Amanda gently eased Lacey’s legs apart, just a fraction, to which Lacey obliged without question and spread them wider.
Amanda’s hand began to caress up and down Lacey’s thighs, both of them.
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If we didn’t have anything else, we had condoms – somewhere! I started rummaging through their luggage and in the first bag, I found Mr.
This was consolation for the soap fiasco.
She picked up on the blow-job where she left off because I had lost a little of the erection that I Continue reading →

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Princess Damila was in high good humour.
They raised their glasses to toast me.
Rabbi Joshua seemed happy, whilst Helena, who was talking with the Princess, seemed in her element.
Bashir, secure as the new Governor, was smiling benignly.
The Sultan was on top form.
‘Now, all of you, hear me.
‘ All stopped.
‘I want to say a word of gratitude to all who have helped bring this peaceful resolution, to Amir Bashir, to Princess Damila, and to those of the Al-Shabab’s who have rallied to my cause.
But a special mention goes to my little Vizier, Rahab, who was lost and is found.
A toast to her!’ And so it was that a little slave girl found herself toasted by the Pashishah himself, I blushed.
As the array broke up, the Princess came over to me.
‘Is it true that you are allowing Jess to be with Ayesha?’ I admitted it was.
She hugged me.
‘You are kindness itself.
I know how much you love her.
It is an act of love.
‘ She kissed me on each cheek.
Ayesha was next, profuse in thanks, kissing my cheeks too.
Jess hugged me.
‘We need to talk,’ I said, ‘I am to go to London, I need briefing.
‘ Her eyes opened.
‘No, really?’ ‘Would you want to come?’ ‘No,’ she said, ‘my home is where Ayesha is; but thank you, darling.
‘ So, there it was.
Would I, I reflected, see any of them again? We had been so close, but now? Bashir and Helena also thanked me.
I went back to my Chamber, a mix of emotions.
I felt a sense of emptiness.
I was glad not to be going back to Istanbul.
It would have been so lonely, even with Calliope and Svetlana.
The best service I could render them was to work to prevent the Circassian plan for an alliance with the Catholic emperor; that was my work now.
I had served my religion and my God.
But it felt a lonely place all of a sudden.
My servants helped divest me of most of my clothing.
I sat in my drawers and linen shift, wondering what the next months would bring? I heard a rustling noise.
I started.
Surely not, no, not another incursion into the harem? I grabbed my knife under the cushion.
I was ready.
‘You will not need that, my Rahab.
‘ I melted.
It was Ana, speaking from the Continue reading →

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and now I see why you were so popular!” I said gruffly.
I reached down and jerked her panties completely down to her ankles, pulling them off her feet.
Then I grabbed her ankles, pushing her legs apart roughly.
Kneeling down behind her, I ran my hands up the insides of her spread legs, stopping just before I reached her sopping cunt.
Denise whimpered as I reversed direction and began heading back down her legs, leaving her pussy untouched.
I stopped just above her knees and moved back up once more, dragging my fingertips in claw fashion up the tender flesh of her legs.
This time though, as I approached her sex, I moved my hands around until they both rested on the lower part of her ass cheeks, one on each side.
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Being on a boat with a handful of strangers for a week would wear on anyone, and while I don’t like confrontation, I’m satisfied that she stood her ground – stood up for the tireless work we’re putting into an uncommon vision.
With so many things to worry about in the world, we choose to help whales.
We carry no shame in that.
Hansen stands up.
I follow suit. Continue reading →